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Mirror DANTALUX New Navado

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Mirror Navado

Mirror DANTALUX New Generation Mirrors is part of the family of MNG mirrors (copper-free & corrosion resistant) developed & patented by AGC Europe. DANTALUX is produced and manufactured in Indonesia. Value for money DANTALUX MNG mirrors is manufactured with specially selected float glass, to provide the best value. Superior quality DANTALUX MNG mirrors have superior corrosion resistant against chemical attacks compared with traditional copper mirrors. Comparative test result of mirrors dipped into 0.5N hydrochloric acid solution clearly shows the more corrosion resistant feature of DANTALUX MNG Mirrors. Result for 0.5N hydrochloric acid test Traditional Copper Mirror The silver layer and back paint of traditional mirror is visibly damaged. DANTALUX MNG Mirror Silver layer of DANTALUX MNG Mirror remains intact over the whole vision area. Safety A clear polypropylene film can be applied to the back of the mirrors for more safety and ideal for used in gym, dance and …